I first contacted Dominic three years ago after suffering with chronic back and hip pain on and off for over ten years. After seeing a range of medical consultants I was at a loss with what to do next and the pain began to really infringe on my quality of life. However after just one session with Dominic I started to feel better than I had done in years. His holistic approach suits me perfectly, and I never leave feeling ‘over-stretched’ as I often felt after previous physiotherapy and osteopathy appointments with other specialists.

As well as aiding my joint pain, Dominic enabled me to have a far greater understanding of my condition which led me to pursue a formal diagnosis of severe hyper mobility EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome). This is something that was previously dismissed when brought up with GP’s and hospital consultants, yet Dominic has consistently helped me find a way to manage the symptoms and also encouraged me to make other small changes to my day-to-day lifestyle that have had a huge impact on my health.

Dominic looks at you as a whole and doesn’t just focus on one area, which is what I think has had the biggest and most positive effect for me. He talks you through every step of the session, always ensuring I’m comfortable and aware of the reasons behind the treatment.

I could not recommend Dominic enough – thank you!


Dominic is a very caring, thoughtful practitioner.

I have been seeing him regularly now for the last six months for chronic lower back pain which has been causing me problems for 7 years. Before meeting Dominic I had tried several types of treatment and visited many therapists to no avail. He took great care trying to determine the underlying cause of my pain, and therefore how to treat it. Dominic suggested that my pain may actually be ‘pelvic’ in origin, which was a new concept for me but I was happy to be guided by him. Before embarking on a treatment plan he explored my thoughts about it, thoroughly explained what he would do and addressed any concerns I had. His approach is very patient-centred, always taking time to reflect on how the treatment is progressing and how I, as a client, am feeling. His enthusiasm for the field of pelvic pain is refreshing and his continuous thirst for knowledge apparent and reassuring.

Although I have not finished my treatment with Dominic, his positive effect on my experience of pain is undeniable. My pain no longer interrupts my working day, and thanks to his advice I am now able to manage my symptoms in between appointments with exercises and connective tissue manipulation. His holistic treatment approach is second to none and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

-Dr Miriam O'Kane

I cannot promote or praise Dominic enough when it comes to sharing how his treatment of chronic pelvic pain has helped me. Firstly he spent plenty of time ensuring I fully understood what the treatment consisted of, how and why it worked and how I felt about it. Dominic always made me feel like I was in control of my treatment and let me decide what I felt comfortable with.

Dominic is incredibly professional and knowledgeable but refreshingly down to earth, he was able to share his understanding of the  reasons why I have the pain that I feel in a way that I can understand and make sense of.

This kind of treatment isn’t something I entered into lightly but I felt confident it would make a difference from our discussions and I’m pleased to say it has. I’m hyper mobile and suffer chronic lower back and hip pain most of the time but this treatment (which is still ongoing) has already almost stopped the pain completely.

I also want to stress that through understanding my pain and why my body is in pain has mentally and emotionally helped me. It has been such a relief to get both answers and healing that haven’t been found elsewhere.

- Jenny

When I first went to Dominic when i was in agony. I had re occurring pain in my back which i could never really pin point. One time in my shoulder then my lower back then my hip, i felt like i was having injury after injury. Being limited on physical ability and in pain a lot of the time was pretty miserable for me and my family.

 Through his initial assessment Dominic explained to me that the pain I was experiencing may not be coming from the areas I was feeling pain in.  Initially this seemed strange – I had pain and the pain certainly felt real!

As we explored and discussed the concept that my pain maybe pelvic in origin and how to treat the pelvis and pelvic floor this started to make sense although remained to me and close friends a little out there and there were obvious concerns that this was totally different to what I had expected -a few back cracks and I thought I might be fixed!

It became apparent through my own self awareness and Dominic’s unique way of delivering information and care that the issue was in my pelvis and that was where the pain centred. 

I became totally convinced by Dominic’s treatment the week I became almost immobile with lower back pain. I was a desperate woman, taking as many painkillers as I could and relying on diazepam to get me through the spasms. Dominic treated me with some initial acupuncture (which has amazing healing outcomes in its self) and we worked on and inside the pelvis. This is strange and unnerving initially but Dominic was informative, respectful and I was made to feel in control the treatment the entire time. Within a few days I was up and jogging along the seafront with no pain in my hips, back or shoulders at all -i couldn’t believe it!

As the treatment has gone on I have become more self aware, more body aware and have been able to manage several small flare ups and adapt my physical, emotional and behaviour so that the pelvic issues didn’t manifest into another back flare up as I once saw them.

Alongside this treatment I have committed to a healthier life style through diet and exercise but am so convinced that without Dominic’s treatment, approach and support I would still be in continual pain and discomfort and be experiencing ongoing flare ups which were debilitating. I would continue to be treated by my GP with high pain relief and mood altering medications that should not be used for long term use.

Now I am able to work out and keep fit, keep up with my two wonderful kids and run about the park with them, rather than watching from a nearby bench, but more importantly I recognise and can manage the years of damage and with Dominic’s help correct and retrain the muscles that are the direct cause of the pain.

- Joanna

I began to have headaches as a young teenager. They often became very painful in the evening, but I knew that they would recede over night and I would wake feeling well again.

I was eventually taken by my parents to the GP, who carried out some basic checks and then referred me for an eye test. At this point, my sight was fine and there seemed little more that could be offered. I didn’t seek any further treatment, but used painkillers to manage headaches and carried on with life.

As I got older, this ceased to be as easy as in my twenties and I began to have headaches that lasted two or three days and which were harder to manage with pain killers. I found the worst headaches quite debilitating. At points, I would avoid anything outside of my normal routine, knowing that even something like a long car journey might trigger a headache.

It was by chance, in a yoga class, when I told the instructor that tilting my head backwards gave me a headache that the instructor suggested I see an osteopath. I found an osteopath who was able manipulate my neck in a way that seemed release tension and reduce the pain. He did this by clicking joints in my neck and at first this seemed like a miracle cure as it released my neck. I continued to see this osteopath, and it went in a cycle of pain, treatment to click my joints, release, tension and pain would build again and I would be treated again. As this went on, I became increasingly anxious around having my neck clicked, and the long-term impact this might have on my joints. I began to see a cranial sacral therapist, and this did seem to help for a while and certainly felt far more gentle than the joint clicking.

Then in 2017, miraculously, I found that my headaches completely disappeared in pregnancy, and indeed during my maternity leave but was replaced with low back and hip pain that I could never really pinpoint. I returned to work and shortly after relocated for a new job, which turned out to be more stressful and physically demanding than I had been expecting also the headaches returned, my headaches and back pain worsened to point when I constantly carried painkillers and relied upon them to manage my pain and be able to function at work and at home. I prioritised my daughter and work and had no energy for anything outside of this. I tried different therapies and exercises but couldn’t get any relief and the pain on my neck, headaches and low back and hip pain really started to take impact on my quality of life.

It wasn’t until I moved to Hastings in 2019, it was by chance, and through the luck of an online search that I then found Dominic and made an initial appointment. This was the beginning of my road to recovery.

Dominic very quickly told me that I was hyper-mobile and that this was affecting my posture and my pelvis and that was likely to be the root of my back pain problems. As I understood more about hyper-mobility, a few pennies dropped (why I was always the slowest runner on school sports days – I just don’t have that muscle ‘snap back’ for speedy running). Dominic also explained the role of posture and the pelvis in chronic pain and addressed much of my treatment to the pelvic floor area. This has made such a positive difference to my pain including my headaches –  I can’t believe it.

I feel that I better understand my anatomy, and also the root causes of my pain. In addition to providing treatment, Dominic has also supported me to understand how my lifestyle impacts upon my pain. I remember Dominic telling me in a very early appointment that If my job was making me ill, I had no choice but to make a change. At the time, I didn’t yet feel like this was possible, but I did begin to change my thinking, and eventually I did make a change for the better.

At each treatment, Dominic is genuinely interested to understand how the treatment is impacting upon my pain. He readily shares his wealth of knowledge and understanding of osteopathy and anatomy that underpins his approach to treatment. This is both reassuring and helpful.

Due to my hyper-mobility, I will never be ‘fixed’ or completely treated; however, with regular treatments, and careful lifestyle approaches, I am mainly headache and back and hip pain free. I sometimes need more regular treatments than at other times depending on what life throws at me.


I first met Dominic at the begining of 2022 after being recommended by a colleague. Due to my mental health I decided to postpone treatment with Dominic until a year later in 2023 (after a year of worsening pain might I add!).

I had been suffering with ‘hip’ pain for a couple of years and had been told by a physio that I needed to strengthen my hip and was given exercises to help. The exercises of course did not help, which is why I returned to Dominic with the same problem.

I had some knowledge of what treatment would be like through conversations with my colleague, and was so ready to take control of my pain. After a few sessions, Dominic suggested my ‘hip’ pain was infact related to chronic pelvic pain. Years of anxiety due to childhood sexual abuse had caused me to be tense all over (especially my pelvis).

Since then Dominic has really changed my life for the better. he is so knowledgeable, not only in pain management but self-help and wellbeing. He is genuine and understanding and checks in with me every session, making sure I am happy to continue, and asking how he could improve. His passion for his work is so refreshing and his positive outlook on life is contagious. I have learnt and continue to learn so much from Dominic, and I couldn’t recommend him enough.

My Journey has only just begun and I have a long way to go in terms of being almost ‘pain free’, but understanding my pain has been a huge step in the right direction.


Being Dominic’s patient has changed my life and how I’m going to live it from now on. I’m a healthy, 29 year old woman who loves to exercise. I’m starting with this sentence because I, like so many others I know, felt that I was unstoppable and that my lower back pain was going to go away.

It was very persistent and I was at a loss. Even after a few osteopath visits in London, I wasn’t seeing any improvement. After being recommended Dominic and his ‘holistic’ approach to chronic pain, I went for it hoping it would make a difference. Dominic is incredibly professional, transparent and accommodating that even after one session I knew it was what I was looking for.

Dominic’s coaching, knowledge and experience is invaluable for any woman (whether you have symptoms of tight, tense pelvic muscles or not) at any age. I leave every session with fresh information about my own body (which isn’t mainstream, so I didn’t even know it was there to learn) and I just feel looser, lighter and a lot less tense than when I came in. It’s a slow process, but I understand why. I’ve seen an enormous improvement in my back pain and the reassurance I get that it’ll continue the progress and be able to manage it in the future is gratifying.

It’s also worth noting that Dominic doesn’t just wave a magic wand and it’s cured – that’s impossible for anyone. What Dominic teaches me (and all his other patients) is how to understand and care for your mind and body, so that it’s manageable in the long-term which builds a deeper connection with yourself. That is something I’ll take for the rest of my life and is much more empowering than a casual osteopathy session where my back gets clicked a few times.

If you’re experiencing symptoms or you feel that you potentially suffer from tight pelvic muscles – do yourself a favour, go and see Dominic, even just for a consultation. You will not regret it.


I first started seeing Dominic over two years ago, and this is actually my second testimonial as there has been such a rewarding change since my last one. A bit of background – I’m 31 and had been suffering from chronic lower back pain for quite a while before I knew about Dominic and the work he did. I’d seen an osteopath a few times but nothing was working which freaked me out – back pain in your late 20s isn’t normal. 

I’ll cut to the chase, the biggest wins I’ve seen in the past two years have been: 

– I don’t experience back pain in day-to-day life anymore. 

– My period pain has gone from me being doubled over in pain and having to take painkillers for 2 days straight (I seriously thought I had endometriosis), to going almost pain-free with no painkillers needed at all. 

– I am an active person, I enjoy exercise a lot and since my back started hurting I hadn’t been able to do anything apart from walking. For the past few months, I have finally begun strength training again and so far, it’s going very well. 

Above all, I have gained a phenomenal amount of knowledge about my own body (and the female body in general) that I can’t believe I didn’t have before. It’s baffling to me that we don’t learn more about the pelvic floor and not only its fundamental role in our bodies but how to treat it so that we don’t experience dysfunction and pain like this! 

This treatment is far from a casual osteopathic route where you get kneaded a bit and your back clicked a few times. We all know that feels nice, but it doesn’t get to the route of the problem. 

I cannot recommend Dominic enough. I was pretty open-minded about this treatment, but if you are feeling at all self-conscious just have a conversation with him, bring a friend – whatever you need to do because his knowledge, experience and expertise in this field, and the transformation you’ll feel after working with him, is worth going through those initial reservations! You’ll soon realise there was no foundation for the reservations in the first place. 


I have suffered from pain in my neck, shoulders and back and hips for a very long time – about 40 years.

I started seeing Dominic after the pain in my neck and back got so bad that even the maximum dose of pain killers made no difference and I couldn’t sleep.

I am in a choir and prior to seeing Dominic I couldn’t stand to sing even for a couple of songs without being in so much pain that I couldn’t concentrate. Now I don’t have that problem. Previously I also found waiting for a bus I had to keep walking about or my back would lock up and I had intense pain. I have now found that even 20 minuites of waiting doesn’t casue me any pain at all.

Dominic is very proffessional but also very kind and caring. He has explained to me that my pelvis and pelvic floor are adding to the casues of my back problems. It is wonderful to see how delighted he is when I tell him how much better I am feeling.

I would highly recommend Dominic


I had a severe car accident over 20 years ago. Ever since I have been struggling with hip, back and neck problems.  I have seen many different Osteopaths and Physiotherapists on a regular basis but they were treating the symptoms and not the cause.

I moved to Hastings in 2016 and I had to find an Osteopath and I found Dominic on the Internet. My first visit was last summer 2017,  Dominic is very professional, he explains everything in detail and I totally trust him. He discussed with me  through diagrams and lots of compelling research how my problems probably stem from my pelvic floor.  At first I was sceptical and said I needed more time to think about it which Dominic totally understood.

At the beginning of 2018 I was finally ready to get rid of the constant pain and all my back and hip problems. After the 3rd treatment I felt incredible, the difference it made in walking and sitting down was amazing. I have had 2 further treatments and I have no more pain. For the first time in so many years I feel free.   

I am a Qi Gong Instructor and the improvement it has made to my movements is very significant and I am enjoying it every day. 

I would like to say a massive thank you. I am very happy that I found Dominic.


My first experience of osteopathy was at the age of twenty one when I was a willing subject for final-year students honing their abilities at a leading London training college. Now in my fifties, I have had thirty years on the receiving end and, having moved around a lot, am in a good position to compare many different practitioners. I count myself fortunate in never coming across a ‘bad’ osteopath as such; and thought that was enough. I knew exactly what to expect, like stopping off at a motorway service station for a quick meal, and hardly needing to glance at the menu. But after several sessions with Dominic I realised that while many osteopaths are alike, there are maybe just a few who are very different. I have continuing muscular-skeletal problems and at this stage in my life require regular maintenance. Dominic is highly skilled and his intuitive client-centred approach is augmented by a genuine desire to integrate his wider learning / life skills into his practice – an ongoing process. This makes for a much richer experience with additional healing benefits. He is quite simply the best. Go see him. 

For many decades I thought I was suffering from a back problem, hip pain and sciatica, until I met Dominic. My daughter recommended that I should see Dominic due to the improvements he had made to her hip and back problems. After talking to Dominic and his initial assessment he explained that it probably was problems relating to my pelvic region. Dominic talked me through the treatment and explained it very clearly. I agreed to carry on with the treatment to my pelvic area and pelvic floor. I am very glad to say how much it has helped me, even after all these years of pain.

Dominic is a caring proffessional and loves what he does, he puts you at ease and listens to what you have to say. I would recommend anyone who has long and suffering pain related to their low back hips and pelvis – go and see him.

- Lynn

Working at a desk for the last 10 years neck, shoulder, arm and lower back pain were a regular thing.  Getting a trapped nerve in my neck a couple of years ago brought me to Dominic’s clinic.  His treatment on my pelvis has completely taken away years of aching shoulders, neck and back.  On top of this my posture has improved, bloating in my stomach has disappeared, I feel more flexible and I find it easier to run and swim.  After a couple of treatments I felt taller, lighter and ache free.  For anyone that has compacted feeling from sitting in an office all day this treatment is well worth trying.


I had been suffering lower back pain on and off for a few years but I had never been to see anyone about it.  I went to see Dominic on 30th August 2018 when it had got so bad and I was in extreme pain, struggling to sit, walk or stand up straight.  Thankfully, in just that first appointment he was able to ease the pain so much so that I was able to attend and thoroughly enjoy a wedding on 1st September, which I thought I wouldn’t be able to go to.

Dominic explained that I was suffering from chronic pelvic pain and suggested I saw my GP to rule out any other causes which I did.  As my results were okay we were able to progress further with my treatment.

Dominic has a calm and caring manner, his approach is gentle and he explains everything that he is doing and will not progress until his patient is ready to do so.  His knowledge of pelvic floor problems and the effects on other parts of the body is incredible.  He has also advised me on exercises I can do at home to help and lifestyle changes that will also have a positive effect on my condition.  I have learnt a lot from Dominic about my body, the pain I have been suffering and the pain and problems I didn’t even know I was experiencing.

I was unable to see Dominic for the first couple of months of this year and the pain started to return, however, I have resumed my treatment and I am feeling so much better again.  I know that when I reach the point when I feel totally cured I will still need to see him every so often for a top up treatment, just to keep my condition at bay and be pain free, more mobile and happy.

I would highly recommend Dominic to anyone, especially those suffering chronic pelvic pain.

- Karen

I was struggling considerably with back and neck pain which had increased to such a degree that I was off work and finding it hard to move. I was recommended to use Dominic by a friend and have found him to be knowledgeable, professional, empowering and kind.

Many of my physical symptoms were linked to pelvic problems, exacerbated by childbirth, life stress, poor posture and diet, hypermobility and shallow breathing. Using a holistic approach Dominic has supported me to address these issues. With intense treatment I was quickly able to get back to work and have maintained regular appointments as I find these helpful maintenance for my physical and emotional well-being. Part of my treatment plan includes internal visceral osteopathy to my pelvic floor, this has been transformational for my mobility and because Dominic explains so clearly why and what he is doing my understanding of how to look after myself has increased ten-fold.

His treatment room reflects his approach, which is welcoming and respectful. Because of this I have also trusted Dominic to treat my son who has severe anxiety linked to autism. Testament to his skill is that my son was able to make eye contact, chat and agree to be treated by Dominic. Most days he cannot even manage to leave the house.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dominic as a practitioner.


I first started treatment by Dominic in November 2016 after suffering severe pelvic & back pain for many years. It had got to the stage I could no longer function , struggling to get out of bed, dress myself & dreading work or social events. Sometimes I had issues passing urine which was very painful & was rushed to hospital many times due to this & the pain. Out of sheer desperation & to be honest luck I came across Dominic and how quickly he fitted me in.

Dominic transformed my life within a few weeks of treatment. He explained what was going on with my body & helped me understand how my gynaecological problems were impacting on my pelvis, giving me back pain and over stimulating my nervous systems ability to cope with pain throughout my whole body. I finally felt like I wasn’t going crazy, my fear of becoming permanently disabled began to dissipate.

Dominic deals with me in a holistic manor and with dignity & respect. He gave me my quality of life back. By providing a specialised treatment that has no contraindications, no risk of side effects & no down time. Yes my particular pelvic problem deems the need for a more internal treatment but the effectiveness of the treatment cannot be argued against .

I’m thankful everyday; I can dress, walk, work & party with my friends. Which is all down to Dominic’s expertise & professionalism. I would recommend him to anyone!!!


At the start of last year I was finding that walking was becoming more & more painful particularly through my hip & lower back. By the end of the summer I was barely able to walk any distance, climb stairs or sit & stand without considerable pain.

Having visited my GP I had an x-ray but was told that there were no underlying problems with either my back or hip but it was recommended that I see an Osteopath.  Luckily Dominic’s name was given to me by a friend and it was most definitely the best thing that could have happened.

Dominic’s approach is holistic. He soon realised that my problems stemmed not from my back & hip but from the muscles in and around the pelvic area. His assessment that my problems had started to occur when I was younger, being hyper-mobile and issues around my pregnancies meant that he could target his treatment specifically to help alleviate the pain I was suffering.

Dominic’s honesty is refreshing, he has told me that my problems are not curable but are manageable & that is what makes his treatment different perhaps from other practitioners. He listens each time I see him to find out any specific problems that may have occurred since my last visit and adapts the session accordingly.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dominic, particularly to women suffering with back or hip pain. I still have days when my mobility is not as good as it could be but thanks to the treatment I have received I can now walk for two or three miles and stairs are now manageable, whereas before I started treatment I was considering that I may have had to leave my job and completely change my lifestyle. Life is enjoyable again.


I Previously visited Dominic many years ago for treatment on my back, hips, neck and shoulders, that were always causing me pain and stiffness. Whilst Dominic worked hard to elevate my symptoms, the results were not producing a lasting improvement, so we agreed to stop the treatment. I tried other forms of therapy including Physio, but again the results were not satisfactory. Having to rely on pain killer prescriptions I felt I was never going to be able to improve my situation and reduce my pain.

A number of years later I returned to see Dominic after discussing with him that my problems could stem from my pelvic region, and he expelained I could be sufferng from chronic pelvic pain.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first appointment, as pelvic treatment was not something I was at all familiar with, but Dominic put me completely at ease.

Dominic takes time to explain everything very clearly to ensure you not only understand why you are in pain but you also understand the treatment and how it will benifit you. Dominic explains everything whilst the treatment is being carried out.

Dominic is very proffessional and passionate about his work and also of the general well-being of all his patients. He goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable.

I have been in pain daily in my upper back,  lower back and hips for nearly 15 years, and since my treatment on and in my pelvis over the last 18 months the pain has really subsided. The treatment is currently ongoing and we continue to work together to manage my symptoms.

I cannot recommend Dominic enough. To those of you suffering in silence, give Dominic a call, I guarantee you won’t regret it.


I have been having treatment from Dominic for around 8 years now, since moving to Hastings. I injured my back in 1996 and since then have been seeing Physio’s and Osteopaths to try and help the problem. Previous Osteopaths did ‘clicking’ to my joints and to be honest it really didn’t help.

When I first went to Dominic and he assessed me he decided that ‘clicking’ was not suitable for my problem. He chose gentle manipulation. It does seem to work better but we have both been frustrated that things have not settled enough over the last 8 years. (My problem isn’t curable, only maintainable). So more recently he suggested that looking at my problem from a pelvic point of view might be of help.   After discussing the different treatment options in detail I was willing to go down that route. He talked me through it, explained what he would do. I read information on it and was told I could have a chaperone if wanted.

I was happy to have this treatment and Dominic is very gentle and understanding. I also have hyper mobility which doesn’t help my problem but having had some pelvic floor treatment and exercises I do actually feel my situation is improving. Of course i have to do my bit but I do feel between us we are getting my back more stable.

I thoroughly recommend Dominic. He’s informative, knowledgeable and understanding.

After a few initial hugely relieving sessions following a trapped nerve several years ago, I have continued to visit Dominic for regular maintenance as I find his treatments to be so incredibly beneficial to all areas of my life as a whole which mirrors his holistic approach of treating “the whole person’. During this time I have completely come to understand, with his help, that our emotional well being has a huge impact on our bodies and that physical manifestations of pain and discomfort can be related to all sorts of random things that you might not even realise are affecting you!

During this time he has helped enormously with general aches and pains, jaw and facial tension and acupuncture treatments all the way through to being hugely supportive through my recovery from breast cancer and mastectomy. He has helped me to come to terms with what has happened emotionally and physically, through help with breathing properly, gentle realignment, help with my lymphoedema and general wellbeing.

He is extremely calming, professional, reassuring and has a wealth of experience in all areas of Osteopathy. He explains everything he does in an easy to understand way and I feel I can totally trust him. I find his sessions incredibly therapeutic and when I leave I feel taller and more centered both physically and emotionally!

Most recently I have been receiving what I can only describe as ground breaking visceral osteopathy for a few issues all stemming from pelvic problems – women of Hastings take note! If you are suffering from lower back pain/hip pain/urinary problems or any type of issue related to this lower body area then it is hugely likely to be linked to your pelvis and more specifically the muscles and tissues inside your pelvis/pelvic floor  – it makes total sense! This area of our bodies is under so much pressure and yet is almost always ignored, this on top of poor posture, shallow breathing and the general stress of life and its no wonder so many of us suffer, mostly in silence. Well I can honestly say that after just a few sessions this treatment has been transformative. This is an amazing leap forward and it gives me such reassurance that these sessions along with the information and guidance that Dominic arms me with will keep me fit for life. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him as a jewel of a practitioner – he is a god -send!


A colleague recommended seeing Dominic after several months of excruciating pain. I had been prescribed painkillers for suspected Sciatica by my Doctor, but these simply were not working.

During my first appointment, Dominic instantly recognised that I was hyper mobile and that I in fact did not have sciatica but that the lower half of my body had gone into spasm and needed to be carefully treated to relieve the pain.

Dominic has discovered that many of my mobility problems have been been aggravated by pelvic floor problems with associated IBS symptoms that have really hampered my movement over the years and caused many stomach cramps and bloating.

I have now been receiving support from Dominic for my hyper mobility for the last 3 years and I can honestly say that without Dominic’s help, patience and understanding I would be unable to enjoy countryside walks, swimming and many other activities.

Dominic doesn’t just treat the area of pain, but approaches the body as a whole. Listening and understanding you as a person and treating you in a holistic manner. I will never be cured of my hyper mobility, but with Dominic’s help I can continue life without being in constant pain.


I first visited Dominic a few years ago, usually for back/shoulder pain.  Following a serious yoga overstretch about a year ago I experienced a lot of pain in my lower back and pelvic region, to the extent that the whole area became very tight.  It was painful to walk any distances and I tried to avoid walking uphill – difficult in St. Leonards!

Dominic has a passion for treating pelvic problems, as his ever expanding knowledge confirms.  My treatment has involved working both internally and externally around the pelvic region.  I’ve had no qualms about this as the treatment has always been thoroughly explained throughout and Dominic has such a professional and thoughtful approach.

I am now in a maintenance programme.  I am receiving ongoing treatment but, now in my late sixties, I have reached a good level of walking and exercise activity I am happy with and learned a lot about managing my condition overall.

I highly recommend Dominic as a knowledgeable, experienced practitioner who thinks outside the box.


I have been seeing Dominic regularly for some time now. He has a holistic approach to osteopathy that I find suits me very well. He is able to work effectively in a very gentle way, so that I never have a “reaction”, tightness, soreness or pain after seeing him, although he has worked magic on my tight muscles. I never feel that he has “overworked” on me, which is something I have experienced in the past.

The visceral osteopathy treatment that I have had from Dominic has been beneficial to my lower back and hip pain. This treatment seems to benefit the whole spine and body alignment. I feel less lop-sided and more comfortable in my hips, and I believe that the treatment is contributing to an improvement in period pain. Dominic always explains what he is doing and I know I can trust him.

Dominic is brilliant at communicating what his treatments involve. He works hard to establish a really good, trusting rapport that contributes to effective treatment. He is always learning and researching new techniques, which I think is a sign of a good practitioner.

Dominic also has a pleasant treatment room which is always spotless and is relaxing to be in.  Everything about his practice demonstrates his care for his patients and their overall health.


I originally came to see Dominic when I was suffering from RSI in my hand, arm shoulder and neck.  I had received previous treatment from another osteopath and that had eased my symptoms but they seemed to keep returning as my job required some heavy lifting which was aggravating the pain.

During my first appointment with Dominic he recognised that I was hyper mobile and pointed out some problems with my posture that would have a direct connection with the pain in my arm and neck.  As soon as I began to make adjustments to my posture and break the habits I had formed, I started to notice a significant improvement.

Through examination and discussion with Dominic I became aware of my abdominal pain, pelvic discomfort and shallow chest breathing. They were all things that I had become so used to over the years that I had just kind of accepted as normal. Since receiving visceral osteopathic treatment for my pelvic floor and abdomen I have started to make an important connection between my body and my emotions. I have realised that I hold my emotional pain in my stomach and probably always have. As well as treatments I have had great support from Dominic to help me understand how my emotions impact my body and learned ways in which I can support my self by using abdominal breathing and working on my posture.

It has been amazing to finally feel like I can feel better, have more confidence and be the woman I want to be. The way Dominic works as a therapist is to look at you and you pain as a whole. He uses general and visceral osteopathic techniques with the experience and passion to heal people from the core of their individual physical and mental health concerns.


I first contacted Dominic for ongoing pain in my arm which was not clearing up after several months of pain killers. I chose Dominic on the strength of a very positive recommendation from an old friend. Following assessment, I received a short course of acupuncture. I had expected to have several weeks of treatment but after only 3 weeks Dominic assured me that there was no need for more and the pain would now just go and sure enough it did.

Reassured by Dominic’s professional approach, his thorough assessment and his explanation of each step of treatment, I sought further help from him for very long standing hip and back pain problem. Previous osteopathic treatments elsewhere had achieved nothing over the years, so I was somewhat sceptical. Dominic’s holistic approach to understanding the issues and his expert use of visceral osteopathic techniques (which I never knew existed!) has not only led me to a better understanding of the problems I have, but I am slowly beginning to feel a reduction in pain and other symptoms that I previously didn’t know were even related to my hip and back pain. Since starting treatment with Dominic, I very much feel there is an overall improvement in my general wellbeing.

Dominic takes time to listen, understand and evaluate the problems. He explains what is happening and how it can be treated. He is realistic in what changes and improvements can be expected. His approach and range of treatment methods are refreshing and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.


I made an appointment with Dominic on recommendation from my husband as was I desperate for help with painful legs and feet during the day and night. I initially made the appointment for acupuncture but after a thorough first meeting with Dominic he was very honest and felt that it would be a good idea to treat the body as a whole with osteopathy and not acupuncture as he didn’t think that would help me on this occasion.

Dominic is very good at explaining at each stage about what he is going to do, even recommending websites and books to look at for further information. He also has a very calming manner, wanting you to ask questions about what he is going to do and being comfortable with everything.

After seeing Dominic for three sessions my leg pain has totally disappeared for which I cannot thank him enough. Understanding the nature of what he does and how he treats his patients is all part of the process to get to the underlying problem.

It is refreshing to have someone to treat you honestly as a whole person and not just as a person with a problem in a certain area of the body. I will certainly be recommending him to my friends if they should ever need any help with physical pain or problems.


Two and a half years ago, I was involved in a car accident. Just over 3 months ago I was recommended to contact Dominic after suffering considerable often unbearable pain in my neck and shoulder.

I have been told by specialists and surgeons, that strong painkillers were my only solution, there was nothing they could do to help me! The diagnosis after X-rays and an MRI scan revealed osteoarthritis, accelerated by the accident!

My profession is driving, painkillers cause drowsiness so as I want to continue to work if possible, there had to be an alternative!

I was so impressed with Dominic even on the first visit. He calmly listened to me, immediately put me at ease, understood my fears, he assured me he could help. He explained in great detail how he could treat my condition and relieve the constant pain.

The abdominal breathing I was taught to do really helps! His gentle easing and pressure into the muscles and tissues without any painful ‘jerking’ manoeuvres to my neck and back, combined with his explanation really works. I now understand more about my body and how the physical and mental side to my worries and pain are so intertwined. After only a few treatments the movement in my neck and shoulders is amazing, the pain has practically gone and I now have a much better understanding of my posture too! I just cannot believe it!

Not only is Dominic a very skilled Osteopath, during a treatment Dominic noticed other problems I had, just by how my feet were positioned! After questions and discussions he discovered I had more issues the with the muscles and soft tissues in my pelvis, I assumed the aches and pains in my lower abdomen and legs which I had not told him about were related to ‘old age’. He was quick to assure me this was not the case and was confident he could reduce my symtoms, already the pain is definitely easing, combining his treatment with my abdominal breathing and corrective posture, it’s all working as he said it would!

I cannot believe how much better I feel, understanding about tension, also what’s happening to my body and mind. I now have a more positive outlook on my life for the future it keeps improving with every treatment I have!

I would most definitely recommend Dominic


I went to see Dominic due to debilitating headaches that I’d been suffering from on almost a daily basis for several months. I was starting to think they were pre-menopausal symptoms that I would just have to put up with. Dominic explained that my body was out of alignment and treated me with a combination of osteopathy and acupuncture. Even after the first session my headaches reduced in frequency. He also gave me advice on how to relieve the headaches when they did occur. Following five treatments, I stopped suffering from the headaches altogether.


What impressed me most about Dominic, apart from his skills as an Osteopath was his understanding of the mental side of of physical pain. I was suffering from very bad lower back pain, probably caused by a herniated disc. I couldn’t see any ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ but Dominic’s reassuring manner and the way he explained what was going on with my back  made me feel so much better ‘mentally’.

After a series of  sessions in conjunction with the regular exercises that I did at home (which Dominic taught me how to do) I went from being bent over and in excruciating pain to being able to stand up straight without any pain. I continued to do my regular excercises and today I am completely cured.

I would highly recommend Dominic-he’s ace!

-Philip (Hastings)

I’ve had back issues now for over 5 years, seen many physios and back specialists, But no real improvement, been working now with Dominic for few months and made some amazing progress with my back problems, and help with my PTSD due to previous job in the Armed Forces. Dominic has given me some simple breathing exercises and simple Exercises/Tools which is helping with stress and back pain issues.
I’ve found Dominic very easy to talk too and he pays attention to small details. Dominic has a kind heart and shows it with his work (treat others the way you would want to be treated) someone you can trust, He only gives me  sessions that I need and not for the sake of it as had in past. Physical issues are improving, Hopefully in near future my mental issues that I’ve come to realise aggravate my back pain will improve after seeing Combat Stress Support. I can recommend Dominic for any Back issues, 

I was very sceptical about going to see Dominic, as being honest I just thought it would be someone else that would over crunch and stretch me which I had previously had with other so called back specialists. After many years visiting Doctors I also had become fed up being told I had sciatica and then sending me on my way.

Talking straight, after our first meeting I knew I needed to have an open mind when seeing Dominic for a second time, he was so very different to the other therapists I had seen before, I am very pleased I put my trust in him as I feel so much better from head to toe.
He continued to make me realise that my back pain wasn’t as simple as just having a perforated disk or joint alignment problem, other factors were very much involved. These included many years of being over anxious thus effecting my breathing and posture meaning years of unnecessary strain on my pelvic region. Over a course of a few treatments he has helped me relax but also strengthen this area, my pain is finally on its way out.

I would highly recommend Dominic Fieldus as truly believe there is no one better to educate your mind as well as body to start helping yourself get rid of back pain.


Dominic has been keeping me mobile for many years now. As a disabled person, I have found it difficult to find therapists who understand my needs and my body.  His holistic approach to me and my treatment has had a real positive on-going impact on my health and well-being. Through discussion and thanks to his advice whilst also creating a comfortable and relaxing environment it feels like we work in partnership to keep me moving.


Some years ago I was suffering with acute lower back pain. After a handful of visits to Dominic, the pain subsided. I have visited ever since and not necessarily because of direct pain. His intelligent, less is more approach has helped me and certainly educated me in ways to look after my body.

In short, sessions with Dominic have formed an integral part of treating my ailments in a prophylactic way. As a result I am generally pain free. I’m very thankful I found him!
-Matt (Hastings)

After suffering from joint and muscle pain for many years I finally found Dominic, through him I discovered I suffer from hyper mobility causing excessive movement in my joints. Dominic has used many treatments such as acupuncture, stretching, improving my posture and relieving tension on my muscles. It’s safe to say he has helped in many ways not just physically but also has helped me mentally by improving my state of mind and helping me with stress management techniques. I would highly recommend Dominic to anyone – he will understand the cause of your pain and will definitely help it.


I have received treatments from Dominic on several occasions. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

-Mark Walsh

Osteopath (Eastbourne)

Dominic was recommended to me by a colleague as I was suffering from neck and back pain, his excellent treatment ensured that my aches and pains were soon under control.

Due to the nature of my work, I spend many hours at a desk, in order to keep on top of my aches and pains I see Dominic regularly who treats me with a combination of osteopathy and acupuncture.  I am currently being treated for Craniofacial pain, which has greatly reduced the number of headaches I get.

Dominic ensures that you fully understand your condition and instantly puts you at ease. I have recommended Dominic to various friends and colleagues and will continue to do so!


Dominic Fieldus is helping me get back into running order after months of the top to toe aches and strains that followed surgery.

His years of experience and broad range of skills enable him to swiftly evaluate the deep underlying musculo-skeletal and connective tissue problems that require correcting and retraining. His knowledgeable and confident manoeuvres give me the confidence to pursue his help towards being ‘fixed’. I am on the mend !

Many thanks for your support, Dominic!

-Christina (St Leonards)

Dominic Fieldus has treated me for low back pain. He was very good at explaining what my problem was and made me feel very at ease. His treatment style was very effective using minimal force. He got me back on my feet after only a couple of sessions

-Philip Wright


I can thoroughly recommend Dominic Fieldus to anyone who needs the skills of a first class Osteopath. His gentle but firm manipulation has enabled me to move more freely and without pain since I have been seeing him. I have also benefitted from his use of acupuncture with good  long lasting effect.